Remote Learning at Mithian

Remote Learning

Remote learning will be available for when individual children are in isolation due to members of their family being tested and awaiting results, when whole bubbles are in isolation due to their being a positive case or if the whole school has to be closed as instructed by Public Health England.

The best place for children to have access to the National Curriculum is in school, with the required resources, with professionals and staff who are trained. Children learn many things at home, however, no one is expecting parents/carers to take on the teaching role as it would be done in the classroom.   I appreciate that parents have their own family circumstances which may not be conducive to supporting children with the National Curriculum. Any support that can be given is valued and appreciated.

No family must feel any pressure during these periods away from school,  circumstances differ, however, we have a responsibility to provide learning opportunities for the children.  We ask that you work with us to provide the best support for their learning in these challenging times.  We would hope that learning at home would not be for more than 10 school days.

We are also aware that access to technology may be limited. The school has, and can provide, packs to collect if technology is an issue for some pupils.

 Laid out below what the school will provide for you if your child is away due to the Covid Pandemic.


 If your child is off school, because they are ill…

 Your child is ill they should rest and recover.


 If your child is off school, because they are in isolation due to a member of the household being tested for Covid-19, awaiting result OR If your child is off school because they are being tested for Covid-19, but is well enough to complete some learning…

 Please notify the School Office  and Class teacher via Tapestry, Seesaw and/or telephone of your circumstances. Class teachers will send out learning information for your child through the Class Tapestry or Seesaw.

There are also options of activities which your child can get involved in too, as age appropriate.  Your child has access to these resources:

 Reading – hearing your child read (fiction and/or non fiction) and being read to

Times Tables

Phonics resources


NCETM  – online maths lessons

White Rose Maths lessons

BBC Bitesize

Oak National Academy

Pupil pack sent home (sent in October)


 If your child is off school due to the bubble being sent home or closure…

 Teachers  will send home appropriate home learning through Tapestry or Seesaw.

Teachers will give clear instructions for the completion of the learning and what they expect in terms of submission.

Please see Mithian School's Remote Learning Policy