Reading at Mithian


From the time that they start school, children are encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards reading. We use the Letters and Sounds phonic scheme. The Foundation Stage classroom encourages children to enjoy books and be interested in reading. The EYFS curriculum is delivered through a mixture of play based, child-initiated learning opportunities, and through more formal teaching sessions. Shared reading takes place in conjunction with this, to foster enjoyment and interest. Reading books are introduced from a variety of schemes. The books given relate to the child's reading readiness and not to their chronological age. The children are then encouraged to use phonics, word recognition, picture and context clues to enable them to decode words.

The core reading scheme is the Oxford Reading Tree. This is used in conjunction with other schemes. We believe that reading schemes ensure continuity and progression and that the children's needs can be met where there is a variety of material.

Once their reading becomes fluent, children choose reading books from a wide range of material in the school library and class libraries.