School Nursery

We value learning through play, and offer opportunities for children to become enriched in the Early Years Curriculum’s Seven Areas of Learning.

About our Nursery

Children who would like to join our nursery may start at the beginning of the term in which they will celebrate their fourth birthday.
Our nursery is small. The group spend some time in the main reception classroom with the  older children, class teacher and teaching assistants. They also have plenty of opportunities to learn and play as a separate group, with their own highly experienced Nursery Assistant.

Our Nursery is part of our Foundation Stage class, Class 4.

 What does our Nursery have to offer?

The school generally, has a friendly, family atmosphere, with the older children showing a caring, nurturing attitude towards the younger ones. This ethos is picked up early, with the older, Foundation children being very considerate and kind to the younger children in the class.
For those children who stay on for their Reception year, there is a seamless transition, due to the fact that Nursery and Reception are part of the same class and often work and play alongside each other.
As part of the school, Nursery children enjoy our fantastic facilities and resources, from the computer suite and large, new hall inside, to the play areas and field outside.