General Information

The school day

The school starts at 8.55am.  Children are expected to arrive in the playgroupd from 8.45am onwards, where they are supervised.  They begin the day with a lively Wake-and-Shake routine, before being lined up and sent in for registration.

Breaktime is from 10.30am to 10.50am

Lunch is 12pm until 1pm.

The end of the school day is staggered, to assist with safety and the limited parental parking.   For classes 3 and 4 the end of day is at 3.15pm and for classes 1 and 2 the day ends at 3.20pm.

There are whole school assemblies on Monday morning and Friday afternoon.  There is a whole school singing practice on a Tuesday afternoon and there are key stage and class assemblies on Wednesdays and Thursdays.