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Working towards keeping children safe, and adults!

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Safety advice and links for young people, parents and teachers. Childnet's Chat danger website, accessible from here, gives information about how to keep safe while chatting online. click this link... 


Childnet's award winning suite of KNOW IT ALL resources have been designed to help educate parents, teachers and young people about safe and positive use of the internet. Click this link..




                                     Welcome to CEOP's thinkuknow website

Childline Click this link...

 Or tell an Adult at School.

Let someone know about your worries

If you have a question about knowing if something is right or safe.

Or just want to share your thoughts about something without telling someone face to face.

This is a safe place to tell your worries.



Digizen website provides information about using social network sites and social media sites creatively and safely.  Shares guidence on preventing and responding to cyberbullying, and it houses a number of classroom resources focused on encouraging responsible digital citizenship. Click this link...



Childnet's Sorted website is a resource produced entirely by young people for young people and adults on the issues of internet security. It gives important information and advice on how to protect computers from the dangers of viruses, phishing scams, spyware and Trojans. Click this link...