About the classes

Mithian School consists of four classes and a nursery.


Class 4 contains the youngest children, the EYFS class and Nursery.  Ms  Young is the Class Teacher and is supported by Miss Playle.


Miss Young is also Early years and MFL co-ordinator and SENCO. 

The children follow the New Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. 

Class 3, taught by Miss Eva,  is the Key Stage 1 Class, containing Years 1 and 2. She is supported by Mrs Williams and Miss Thorn. 

Miss Eva is also PSHE,Art,D/T, RE, Science and Music co-ordinator.

Class 2 is the lower Key Stage 2 Class, with years 3 and 4.  Mrs Khalil is the class teacher supported by Miss George.

Class 1 is the upper Key Stage 2 Class, with years 5 and 6. Mr Faint is the main class teacher, with Mrs Garbett (Headteacher) also teaching some of the sessions each week. They are supported by Mrs Palombo.

Mr Faint is also Maths and ICT co-ordinator.

Midday supervisors are the TAs.

Interserve take care of the school.

All the children in Key stage 1 and 2 follow the Inspire Curriculum.